1. jwstudio:

    Bryan Nash Gill, Ash

    Woodcut, 2006. Wood Engraving - 58” x 58”

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  2. outlier:

    Bryan Nash Gill, Black Locust, 2009

  3. taishou-kun:

    Hotaru 蛍 (Firefly)Youjo no tomo 幼女の友 (Friend of little girl) magazine - June 1933

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  5. imwithkanye:

    Elaine Stritch, Tart-Tongued Broadway Actress and Singer, Is Dead at 89 | NYT

    Plainspoken, egalitarian, impatient with fools and foolishness, and admittedly fond of cigarettes, alcohol and late nights — she finally gave up smoking and drinking in her 60s — though she took it up again — Ms. Stritch might be the only actor to work as a bartender after starring on Broadway, and she was completely unabashed about her good-time-girl attitude.

    “I’m not a bit opposed to your mentioning in this article that Frieda Fun here has had a reputation in the theater, for the past five or six years, for drinking,” she said to a reporter for The New York Times in 1968. “I drink and I love to drink, and it’s part of my life.”


  6. taxidermy-in-art:

    L’Archiduc (Série les Receleurs) 2013 Chouette effraie naturalisée, médailles 30 x 25 x 37 cm céline cleron

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  7. pretty-transparents:

    i had to make this transparent for peach reasons

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  8. ryannordkitchen:

    Daniel Heidkamp

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  10. pi11s:

    Raymond Radiguet sleeping by Jean Cocteau

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  12. bofransson:

    In Norway, 1901 John Singer Sargent

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  14. nemfrog:

    Group of Foraminifera, magnified 50 x. 

    Graphic Microscopy. 1860s.

    (Source: archive.org, via scientificillustration)

  15. archivesofamericanart:

    Because they’re pretty, and because it’s almost Independence Day, we present you marbled papers from our collections in shades of red, white and blue. For more fun with marbling see our new Pinterest board.

    Top to bottom:

    Grace Anna Storrs Hunt travel diary, 1889 July 11 - July 24. Leigh H. Hunt papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

    Miscellaneous moods in verse; one hundred and one poems with illustrations, 1914. Elihu Vedder papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

    Jonathan Sturges receipt book, 1852-1866. Jonathan Sturges papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.